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It's been years since Mexican National Pride was hijacked from the people by El Presidente.
Without it, no one cares about the news anymore. No one watches the number of dead people spiking every single day. No one looks the street beggars in the eye.

With the help of a group of concerned citizens, you, El Heroe, have broken into the Presidential Skyscraper and stolen the Pride back. The effect was clear and immediate. No one knew what had happened, but everyone could feel how the blood in their veins got hot and pumping once again, just like in the good ol' times, when going out to the streets represented no more than a 7% chance of getting randomly shot.

The magnificent Presidential Skyscraper was built to withstand the harshest of attacks by the enemies of the State and its people, so it locked down as soon as Mexican Pride went missing from its usual spot, right next the Presidential urinal.

The great planification labour carried out by the revolutionary leaders of the new Mexico was flawless and, without too much hassle, El Heroe was able to get to the rooftop of the Majestic Tower of Evil built by El Presidente. From there he jumped to freedom, celebrity and, most probably, martyrdom.

It is upon you to decide wether this story ends tragically or not. Will El Heroe fullfil his Destino and become the liberator of Mexico? Or will the evil forces of imperialistic control have the upperhand in the pursuit of the century?

Be quick and nimble, and escape from the savage paws of El Presidente.

This game was made by the following awesome cyborgs:

Coding // Alberto "CJ" Zorrilla

Graphics // Ruben "Not Assigned" Galvan

Music & Sounds // Luis Casares & Miguel Garces

Story // Kiril Kravchenko